Happy Days Ahead

​Beau came to us back in November '15 from the Baldwin Park animal shelter. He was terribly thin (see photos below) and had a large lump on his tongue. After meeting with Oncologist, Dr. Ogalvie, it was determined that the mass was most likely cancer. Either way, it had to come off. Beau needed to find a foster home before the surgery could be done to remove the mass. Beau was very lucky when one of our most experienced foster homes stepped up to take him in and guide him through a long and challenging medical process.

After many months of medical treatment and care, which included needing to be fed through a feeding tube, Beau was finally ready to find a home. His prognosis was excellent so becoming a permanent foster was not an option and he was placed on the website available for adoption.

Along came Art and Kathy, a couple that had adopted from us twice before. They were very happy to meet Beau and were not deterred by his past medical issues. Beau was adopted and his name changed to Duncan.

"Duncan (formerly Beau) is more than his medical issues. He is a kind, loving boy and has the temperament of a therapy dog. Everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing him will agree."

- Jennifer, GRCGLAR Volunteer
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Beau's bio:  Beau is about 7 years old and came to us from a local shelter. He was severely underweight and had a mass on his tongue. We've had the mass removed, and Beau is thriving now in his foster home, so he's ready to find a permanent home. He is good with other dogs, big and small. He is a velcro dog and needs to be as close as possible to his people. He is a happy boy who loves life. He has a healthy energy level and, perhaps to make up for his former days of deprivation, he just loves to eat.
"Every morning, he does a little happy dance..."
Dear Jennifer,

Thought you might enjoy a few new pictures of Duncan, and hear how he’s doing. He’s been here almost 6 weeks now, and he’s doing great! He had his first grooming last week, and is looking very handsome. The first picture (top of page) is right after his spa day. We took it outside, so it’s a little glary, but you can see how lustrous his coat is. A friend gave him a set of squeaky toys to welcome him, so his collection of playthings is growing! He loves them all, and likes to relocate them throughout the downstairs. The second picture (right) is him with one of his new toys. As you can see, he’s filled out a bit and is just about where he should be. He’s energetic and so curious about everything. He’s found his “voice,” too, and has the cutest and most joyful bark. He doesn’t do it often, just when he had something to say! It always takes us by surprise and has us grinning every time. The funniest one was last week – we were watching TV (he loves TV, especially the History Channel) and a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts came on. At the end of the ad, they said the tag line, which ends in “Dunkin.’”  Literally a few seconds afterward, he let out with a big Whoof! I do believe he recognized his name! Although they’re spelled differently, they are pronounced the same. Art and I just looked at each other in disbelief and started laughing. What a smart pup!!

It still amazes me, and it probably always will, that with all Duncan has been through, he is so incredibly gentle, sweet, and happy. The love and care he got from his wonderful foster mom when he was recovering had such a positive impact on him. Every morning, he does a little happy dance, as if to say “wake up, it’s a great day and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.” And he does! And so do we.

"This note from Beau/Duncan’s people is so heartwarming.  ... when he was pulled, his ribs, spine and tailbone were all visible.  Kathy is not kidding when she says he’s been through a lot.  Emaciation was just one of his problems.  Great dog, great rescue organization, great adopters."

- Jo, GRCGLAR volunteer