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Thank you for volunteering!  There are many ways to help including: shelter liaison, transportation, foster home, dog representative, homechecker, adoption event handler, fundraising, administration, and website development and maintenance.

Maintaining complete and accurate records for volunteers, dogs and adopters is important from an organizational and legal standpoint. Non-profit, 501(c)(3) organizations are accountable to the public as well as the IRS. If you are in doubt about any policy or procedure, do not hesitate to ask your regional coordinator or a Board member for assistance. GRCGLAR tax ID #91-2169644

President: Gerri Monohan,  [email protected]
Vice President: Gary Stevens,  m[email protected]
Secretary: Jo Anne Delle,  [email protected]
Treasurer: Mary Pat Killian, [email protected]
Director:  Donna Meier, [email protected]
Director: Marty Friedman,  [email protected]

COMMUNICATION - Volunteers communicate through a Yahoo Groups online list. This list is closed to the public and members must be approved by the list administrator. A working knowledge of email​ communication is required.

DATABASE - Vital information regarding dogs, volunteers, applicants and adopters is managed through a Knack database. To obtain access, contact the administrator at  [email protected] 

WEBSITE - Edits, comments and suggestions regarding the website can be sent to [email protected]

VOLUNTEER MANUAL - This publication contains guidelines and information critical to the efficient operation of the Rescue. To view and print the manual, click here . Dog Bite Protocol, click here .

SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES AND USE POLICY - This document outlines the guidelines regarding the role of social media within the Rescue and its proper usage in representing the Rescue’s goals and objectives.To view and print the document, click here .

PLACEMENT LETTER - after you conduct your home visit, please leave the  placement process letter  with the family. Let them know that a Placement Assistant will be contacting them shortly and will work with them to identify which dog(s) may be a fit.

GRCGLAR LOGOWEAR - Order official logowear online, https://grcglar.qbstores.com/ (password: grcglar4us).  Instructions for creating account and ordering logowear, HERE .






This success of the GRCGLA Rescue is made possible by its volunteers.